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Our Factories

Cheer employs more than 1000 people in its factories in Nanjing within easy reach of the airport and high speed rail links. You are very welcome to visit. Cheer also maintains a warehouse and show room in Europe in order to be able to respond quickly to our customer's needs.

Cheer is a manufacturer in the true sense of the word. We make our own steel products and slides and of course play equipment. What does this mean for you the customer?

It means greater flexibility, if there is something you need to have in a different colour or would like small changed made we can make them – after all we make the equipment.

It means lower costs – rather than buying from another company with its own overheads and profits to make. It is well illustrated with our digital printing, we have our own digital printer and laminating machines, which means the price for digital printed drapes is roughly €6-8 per square meter, compare than to the price of digital printing from UK companies that outsource this at €15 -€30 per square meter add a design charge to that and you will quickly understand why UK soft play areas have a minimum of digital colour graphics on them.

It means better quality control. What better way to control the quality of your products than to make them yourself and source the materials yourself.

It means product innovations. Cheer has more than 25 people devoted to R&D developing new product and continuously updating, improving and testing new products. Moreover, Cheer also own more than 120 play centre in China which help to test, refine and improve our range of products.
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