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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the answers to questions we are often asked by our customers. We hope they are useful. Our very experienced sales consultants will be more than happy to expand on any of the topics below and can give you better information about the requirements of your specific country.

Can you help with getting planning permission/change of use?

Our consultants have many years of experience and are aware of many of the issues and requirements of local planning authorities. In many cases applying for planning is a straight forward process and the first port of call should be your local authority. The local planning authority will usually be happy to give you an idea of what the requirement for you building will be and if they would look at leisure use favourably. However, if you feel there will be issues and planning is not going to be straight forward there is no substitute to engaging a local planning consultant, who often not only knows the local development plan, but is also familiar with the local planning committee.

How much will the indoor play equipment cost?

Generally our equipment works out to be roughly 30% cheaper than equipment manufactured in Europe. However, it obviously depends on exactly what size the equipment is and what kind of equipment is included. Electronic interactive equipment for example will cost more than passive soft play.

What can Cheer offer that other manufacturers cannot?

Cheer supplies equipment to all four corners of the globe and competes with manufacturers all over the world. As such Cheer adopts influences and new unique ideas all the time before any other manufacturer.
Also with our own polyethylene rotor moulders we can produce large oversized slides, crawl tubes as well as standard tubes to produce a variety of theme ideas.
Cheer produces a large number of interactive play equipment alongside the standard passive equipment. Whether, it is our electronic ball cannon targets or our Spider Pain event our products are unique and our competitors find it difficult to produce this equipment at a price that is affordable to most customers.
Similarly, our designs usually came with a large amount of theming. You will notice how colourfull and engaging our designs are from the first time you see them. But our theming does not cost a fortune. Cheer has its own state of the art digital printing machine and laminating machines. In contrast our competitors who use third party suppliers who add their considerable margin. This makes our digital printing roughly 1/3 of the cost price of most European manufacturers.

Do Cheer include installation?

Cheer is all about allowing the customer to choose. Cheer provides installation through our own teams of fully trained and insured installers. However, we appreciate that some customers might like to use their own installation teams. Prices are available for the full play centre including installation or just for the equipment.

Will Cheer design my play area for me?

Cheer has many very experienced designers and consultants who will advise you. Our consultants are some of the most experienced in the industry and have helped to design award winning play areas all around the world. They will translate your dreams and wishes into something our designers will turn into beautiful 3D designs.

How much will it cost for Cheer to produce a design for me?

Cheer does not charge for its designs. Although we will make sure that you are serious about your indoor play project. Although PC technology moves at enormous speed it will still take our designers10-15 working days to do one bespoke design.

How quickly can Cheer manufacture my system?

Depending on the size of your indoor play area it may take 4 weeks to manufacture it. However, as we make all our play areas in Nanjing in China it will take another 4-6 weeks for delivery in Europe.

Will I have to pay import duties?

Yes, import duties are payable for all equipment imported from outside of the EU.

Is Cheer equipment safe?

Cheer play equipment is being used all over the world and especially in Europe, including the UK, Germany and France without any issues. All the materials conform to European Norms (EN 1176/77) and local standards such as APAVE, RoSPA, RPII and TÜV.

Is Cheer equipment as good as equipment from European Manufacturers?

Most European manufacturers buy their vinyl and other materials from suppliers in Europe who in turn get their materials from China. Cheer cuts out the middle man saving you money and ensuring that it gets the new products first. Cheer equipment is being used by some of the largest play area multiples such as Monkey Bizness, Gambado or even Chipmunk for more than 6 years. Cheer also runs its own play areas with over 120 Cheer play areas in China alone.

What after service support do Cheer provide?

Cheer provides a 12month guarantee for all their equipment against material and manufacturing faults. If you should need help Cheer will arrange for replacement parts and maintenance during this time. After your first 12 months Cheer are very happy to provide you with a maintenance agreement or provide you with the contact details of local indoor play area maintenance companies.

What kind of steel does Cheer use?

Cheer play equipment is supplied with fully galvanised steel with 3.5mm wall thickness. This steel is suitable for building play equipment as high as 14m and will last a lifetime.

Can Cheer design custom themes for me?

Yes, Cheer has a host of very accomplished graphic designers who can produce theming to suit you. Or perhaps you have developed you own theme that you want to incorporate in the design. Cheer is unique in that we manufacture our own glass reinforced plastic (GRP) components. This means that we can produce 3D themed components to order.

Can Cheer lease the equipment to me?

Cheer does not lease the equipment; however, we work with a number of leasing companies who will be happy to talk to you to arrange leasing.

How can I be sure that my design is safe?

We can arrange for our play systems to be inspected by local play inspection companies. So for example in the UK, RPII inspectors will inspect the system and if any issues are highlighted these are resolved before the play area opens.

Cheer installs its equipment with a method called premium line what is this?

Cheer installs by tying the netting to the steel and then wrapping the steel in tuff pad. Although this takes a little longer this is much neater than tying the netting to the padding as all frayed ends of the net and twine will be hidden from sight and children’s fingers.

How can I get spare parts at short notice?

Cheer has a central European warehouse which can supply spares immediately.

Where can I see touch and feel Cheer product for myself?

If you would like to visit one of our customer’s sites please contact us and we will arrange for you to visit the site most convenient to you. You can of course also visit our office in Bratislava or make the trip to Nanjing in China. You might think that Nanjing is long way to go, but it is worthwhile when you consider the cost of visiting against the savings you will make.
Our Sales Consultants can also provide you with product samples for most of the materials that are used in our indoor soft play equipment.

Are ball cannons really noisy?

Our Cannon balls use compressed air generated by a small compressor.
The cannons themselves use an electronic switch which opens a valve for fraction of a second so that air rushes out of diffuser to throw the ball out of the barrel. This noise it makes is very much like a sudden rush of compressed air, similar perhaps to a fizzy bottle of lemonade being opened.

The compressor can also be noisy, but this will depend on the type of compressor you are going to use. Screw compressors can be made to run almost silently, but are much more expensive than their Piston equivalents. It will also of course make a difference as to where you site your compressor, if space is available in another building or room close by this will ensure that the compressor will not disturb anyone when it starts up.

In fact when your indoor play area is busy you are unlikely to notice the noise above the shouts and excitement of your young customers.

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